The CD "From Shadows to Light" comprises mainly of composers who were "outsiders" or marginalised -with whom I identified in some way.
Grace Williams (whose sonata I found in the National Library of Wales in 2015 ) went to Vienna, to study with Egon Wellesz who fled the Nazis only to be interned on the Isle of Man as an
illegal alien. She refused an honour from the Queen. She had previously studied with Vaughan Williams who helped Wellesz escape internment.
John Hawkins wrote his "Looking Back" for me at a time I was on the edge of society.
Ladmirault was a Celtic composer trying to revive Breton folklore and culture.
As these  are pertinent themes I wish to hold  short discussions after the concerts inviting relevant speakers or academics such as Dr Bojan Bujic, Prof Beaumont, composer John Hawkins, Dr Jan Sheldon and CEOs of Homeless organisations and clients.

PAST PROJECTS: Composing project  for Under 19s  with Antony Hopkins CBE

Winners : Julian Pombo and Michael Phillips

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